A look at the need for independence and self respect in women feminism

Her second priority is self-defense. She is a member of Cell 16, which puts out the Journal, and is in a feminist study group. We are not only influenced by what goes on around us, we are conditioned and created by it. Desires and even needs can be created.

A look at the need for independence and self respect in women feminism

Feminism and Classical Sociology A. Introduction Each of the three classical sociological approaches that we have studied — Marx, Weber, and Durkheim — provide analyses and models which capture many elements of the social world.

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They identify features of society and methods of study that yield gr eat insight into how people interact with each other and how society is structured and develops. Their models were developed in nineteenth and early twentieth century Europe, and were based primarily on their study of European society and European thought.

Their observations provide excellent descriptions of the modern period that developed in Europe and yield many ideas that can be applied to the contemporary world.

Contemporary sociological approaches have cast doubt on the claims to universality of the classical sociological approaches. While few would deny that these classical approaches must be studied, and that their approaches are often useful today, feminis ts, third world or post-colonial analysts, identity theorists, writers with new approaches to sexuality, and post-modernists argue that the classical approaches are incomplete, misleading, or inadequate.

These latter writers come from many different tradi tions and approaches, with some rejecting classical writers while others modifying classical approaches and using new insights to develop hybrid approaches to analysis of the social world.

Some of the latter approaches will be studied in the latter sectio n of the course, since they represent attempts by contemporary sociologists to update and improve classical sociology. There are many criticisms of classical sociological approaches.

Post-modernists generally argue that there cannot be a single, universal social theory, but that social thought requires consideration of local and different situations.

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Identity theorists and post-colonial writers consider classical sociology to be Eurocentric and bound by modes of thought and experiences that were characteristic of western European society in the nineteenth century. Feminists and analysts of sexuality argue that classica l sociologists were male writers with a male centred and conventional analysis of women, family, and sexuality.

This section of the notes will examine some of the feminist criticisms of classical sociological approaches. There are many such feminist criticisms, from those who reject the classical sociological approaches in their entirety to those who modify the classical approaches and develop their own hybrid approaches — for example, Marxist or liberal feminism.

Some of the general approaches of feminist writers will be considered first. Following that are comments on each of the three classical approaches.

So me of the following analysis is drawn from Natural Women, Cultured Men: Sydie systematically analyzes the three classical sociologists and Freud from a fe minist viewpoint. These notes do not attempt to develop a feminist approach to sociology, they are confined to feminist critiques and comments on classical sociological approaches.

Later in the semester, some of the feminist approaches to sociological ana lysis will be examined. Overview of Feminist Critique 1. One general line of criticism of feminists is that women are absent from the social analyses and social world of classical sociology. The language and analysis of classical sociologists is that of men, male activities and exper iences, and the parts of society dominated by males.

Marx, Weber, and Durkheim were typical of nineteenth century European writers who assumed that the social world was primarily that of male activities. One aspect of the long history of modern, urban, industrial society was the development of a separation between the public and private spheres. These had not always been separated in traditional societies, although there was often a sex-based division of labour and male dominance.

But there is no doubt that with the development of capitalism, cities, and industry, a public sphere dominated by men and male activities developed. Women generally became restricted to the private sphere of household and fam ily, and had limited involvement in political, economic, or even social public life.

While some women were involved in more public activities, there were movements to restrict the participation of women in public life — for example, factory legislation an d the family wage.

A look at the need for independence and self respect in women feminism

In order to understand some of the difficulties women faced in this era, some of the details of the situation of women should be considered.An examination of the possibilities for libertarian feminism, taking the feminist thought of the 19th century radical individualists as an example and a guide.

We find that the radical libertarian critique of statism and the radical feminist critique of patriarchy are complementary, not contradictory, and we discuss some of the confusions that lead many libertarians--including many libertarian.

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