Cinematography of gattaca

Local Eastern Region Posted 26 January - From what I can gleam, it was shot 35mm anamorphic which you already know and the mag tape I saw in the behind-the-scenes trailer is blue. The film seems to have a distinct blue-green pallette, with the exception of the outdoor scenes, which are decidedly orange, so either they used some warming filters or timed it that way, though I'd think it'd be the former.

Cinematography of gattaca

Just as one hears the work of a composer and is transported to the memory of a scene, so too can the work of a costume designer bring a particular film or character to mind.

Cinematography of gattaca

The following list of 20 Costume Designers aims to highlight the importance of the craft and its influence on cinematic style and occasionally beyond.

The artists on this list are ranked in no particular order. The main testament to her talent is probably the list of films and actors she has designed for, most notably her 11 films with the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock; 7 films dressing Natalie Wood; and 3 films each with Barbara Stanwyck and Audrey Hepburn, two icons of style to this day.

Second only to Edith Head in terms of honours from the Academy, Irene Sharaff proved her versatility by mastering the look of multiple periods and genres, and was highly influential on the style of her time.

Her design choices had an effect not only on the fashion world but went as far as to influence interior design.

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Her designs moulded seamlessly into the setting of the films she designed for and many of her costumes have etched themselves onto our minds. Interview with the Vampire: However, multiple viewings prove that the costumes are not only relevant to the period but are original enough to feel contemporary to the viewe.

Not mentioned as often is the debt both films owe to the talent of Michael Kaplan. Functionality communicates to the viewer the reasoning of eccentricity. This type of design is what you need to build a vision, folks! When lit by candle light in Barry Lyndon, they glow and when devoid of colour in A Clockwork Orange, they shine.

The look of his films is recognisable at a glance and this owes a lot to the work of costume designer Colleen Attwood, who has collaborated with the director on no less than nine projects. Not only is she skilled at creating the unreal settings within a film but she is equally successful at contributing to contemporary realist works.

She has thus cemented her reputation as one of the leading costume designers working today — perhaps even the most influential since Edith Head. It was not unlike him to incorporate design features that played with light and shadow or to add a playful touch to an outfit.

In addition to his ability to produce authentic period pieces, the gangster flicks, musicals and dramas of Warner Bros were in skilled hands with him.Gattaca - Perfection “The Film Gattaca Presents a World Destroyed by the pursuit of our perfection.

Discuss.” Discuss.” Andrew Niccol’s film Gattaca does present a world where the world has been destroyed by human’s pursuit of perfection.


Characters in Gattaca continually battle both with society and with themselves to find their place in the world and who they are destined to be according to their genes. The film's title is based on the letters G, A, T, and C, which stand for guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine, the four nucleobases of DNA. Code Tim Robbins, Togo Igawa, Nabil Elouahabi, Samantha Morton, Sarah Backhouse, Jonathan Ibbotson, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Om Puri, Emil Marwa, Nina Fog, Bruno Lastra. Buy Young Ones: Read Movies & TV Reviews - From 'Star Wars' to ' A Space Odyssey', science fiction films know no bounds.

Here are of the best Sci-fi movies ever made. L.A.

Cinematography of gattaca

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