Jill eggleton writing a resume

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Jill eggleton writing a resume

This year it could not be more appropriate that the 11th November falls on a Sunday as it will be exactly years to the day since the armistice was signed signalling the end of the Great War. This approach has a history of success and most adults will tell you that these frightening little characters lurking by your door are all chocoholics at heart!

It was also good to see that everyone was following the generally accepted rule that you only knock at houses where a festive display such as a carved pumpkin is on display. Well done everybody for your fantastic costumes! The church of St Mary the Virgin was packed with local dignitaries, military and ex-military representatives and village residents as a new war memorial was unveiled commemorating five soldiers from the village who were killed in World War 1.

As many of you will know, this particular act of remembrance is a subject very close to your Editor's heart so, after six years of working on the project, this will be a long article The service was led by the Revd.

Liz Smith and the unveiling of the carved memorial stone, mounted in the church porch, was performed by Colonel Jonathan Brooking, the Garrison Commander of Warminster who was accompanied by his wife Gemma. Immediately following the unveiling, the Revd.

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Liz dedicated the memorial after which six wreaths were ceremonially laid Unveiling Party. With any memorial service to commemorate The Fallen, there is an expectation, if not an obligation, to ensure that the rightful and respectful ceremonial aspects of the event are in place and followed.

The service was followed by light refreshments and an opportunity for informal discussions and reminiscences with the military and ex-military guests in a relaxed, friendly environment. As always at village events in Upton, many people were involved in the setting up and organisation of the day including cleaning, rearranging and decorating the church, baking the cakes, serving the refreshments, the choir and organist etc, all volunteering their time and effort to make the day special.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the event, and to Julia Rowley who kindly took the photographs. A new photo album has now been added to the Gallery. Saturday's ceremony was a proud moment for the community and a significant event in the history of this village.

In this centenary year commemorating years since the end of World War 1, that situation has now been rectified.

It was actually the arrival of Julia Doel, Assistant Community Responder Officer who was there to present the annual training and refresher session for the village defibrillator. Julia, working with Sue Mack on the Parish Council, was instrumental in providing the village with the AED full name Automated External Defibrillator back in and, as everyone should know, it is located in the old phone box opposite the Angel Inn.

jill eggleton writing a resume

Julia is now a regular visitor to the village and these training sessions are an invaluable way of raising awareness, explaining the emergency procedures and, very significantly, increasing confidence in using the defibrillator equipment.

As Julia explained and demonstrated, it is very simple piece of equipment to use and it actually talks the user through the entire process of delivering emergency treatment to a patient suffering from cardiac arrest. It was a lovely atmosphere and an opportunity for new residents to the village to meet and get to know lots of people.

The service, which was held in the village church of St Mary the Virgin, was led by the Revd. Jacques Desrosiers and Revd Sue Hart and was not only a celebration of the harvest but an opportunity to dedicate a new altar cloth. Churchwarden Sue Spencer, Revd.

Sue Hart, Lesley Welch, Revd. Jacques Desrosiers and Churchwarden Alan Beswick with the new, handmade lace altar cloth It was presented and laid on the altar during the service and, after being dedicated by Revd.

jill eggleton writing a resume

The celebration of Harvest Festival is just such a time when we can enjoy wonderful, innovative flower displays in the church, the ever popular Harvest Supper and the uplifting and thankful Harvest Festival service which is described elsewhere on this page.

The panel is there to cover the new war memorial which was hand carved by Westbury stonemason Nick Johnson and installed by him on 10th October. Its installation was timed to coincide with the th anniversary of the end of the war.

The stone plaque will remain covered until the official unveiling ceremony which will take place at 2.

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The unveiling will be a unique and very special event in our community and it is hoped that Upton residents will turn out in force to show their respect.

The village has a variety of different breeds demonstrating a diversity of sizes, colours, shapes and temperament and some, of course, will require far more exercise than others. Here in Upton we are very lucky to have access to the network of local fields which makes exercising and walking such a pleasure.

While out walking the dog it is a common occurrence to bump into other villagers or even to meet complete strangers and end up having a sociable chat while the dogs play together. Di is hiding behind the camera but the picture shows left to right Jacqui, Allegra, Sharon and your editor together with six dogs ….

Unfortunately he seems to be eyeing up my friendly mouse that lives under the garden steps. He was frequently to be seen around the steps, even in daylight, carrying off bird food to his den and he became such a regular visitor we named him Wilbur.How to Write a Letter of Appreciation. Your appreciation letter doesn’t have to be long or effusive.

Keep it simple and sincere. Jill. Sample Letter of Appreciation to a Boss (Formal) How To How Far Back Should Your Resume Go? Writing How Should I Use There, Their.

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