Mercy vs justice

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Mercy vs justice

Email I would like to direct your attention, my brethren and sisters, to the principles of mercy and justice. I have taken my text today from the Proverbs of Solomon: The Lord found it necessary to call to the attention of some of the brethren in the early days of the Church their negligence in doing all that they should.

To the Prophet Joseph, he said: Williams, … You have not taught your children light and truth, according to the commandments; and that wicked one hath power … over you. Whitney also … hath need to be chastened, and set in order his family, and see that they are more diligent and concerned at home, and pray always, or they shall be removed out of their place.

When the Prophet Joseph reluctantly permitted Martin Harris to take part of the manuscript of the Book of Mormon, and they were lost, the Lord reproved the Prophet for his disobedience.

One of the basic concepts of forgiveness is that one must be truly repentant, having satisfied justice before forgiveness can take place. The Prophet Joseph said: President Kimball has said: Mercy can never replace justice.

Mercy vs justice

God is merciful, but he is also just. Kimball, The Miracle of Forgiveness, Bookcraft,p. The gospel of Jesus Christ is founded on law for the salvation and blessing of its people. For every law the Lord gives us, there is also a penalty for its violation. The prophet Alma explained this very plainly: How could he sin if there was no law?

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How could there be a law save there was a punishment? President Stephen L Richards said: The bishops of the Church have been designated as common judges and, together with their counselors, are authorized to deal with cases of serious transgression coming under their jurisdiction.

Other cases go before the high council court under the direction of the stake president. These judges are expected to deal with all cases of infraction against the laws of the Church mercifully and justly.

When does repentance become effective?

Mercy vs justice

When are the demands of justice satisfied? When does the principle of mercy take over? I suppose there is no answer as clear as that given by Alma: I say unto you, Nay; not one whit.Why Christianity vs Other Faiths. A tract by Ray Comfort, slightly edited by Faith Facts.

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The role of religion in civil unrest and war: Often, the media does not identify the precise causes of some of the conflicts around the world. Clashes are frequently described as being ethnic in origin, even though religion may have been a main cause.

Justice vs Mercy Justice and mercy are two human virtues that are mostly talked about in legal circles. Mercy is a virtue to forgive sinners, or those who are perpetrators of crimes, whereas justice is the principle of meting out punishment to criminals commensurate with the seriousness of their crimes.

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