Price ceiling on prescription medicine

Apr 26, Image: Shutterstock Price controls are central to healthcare policy discussions in India today, be it medicines or medical devices. Price controls in healthcare have the noble intention of enhancing patient welfare. However, economic theory suggests that for a variety of reasons, they can generate unintended consequences, especially if the price regulation is not efficiently designed and there remain gaps in implementation and enforcement.

Price ceiling on prescription medicine

Cuba Preface Last Updated: Embassy in Havana closed on January 3, Personnel assigned to Cuba find a challenging and difficult environment. Cuba has been forced to turn to the European Union, Canada, and the U. Despite the hardship and frustration of life and service in Cuba, many Foreign Service families have chosen to extend their tours of duty.

That makes Cuba about the same size as the state of Pennsylvania. The island is more than miles 1, km. Cuba lies about 90 miles km. The Isle of Youth known as the Isle of Pines in pre-Revolution daysand some 1, keys and islets lie offshore.

Pharmaceutical Price Controls: A Prescription for Disaster

Topographically, three-fifths of Cuba displays flat or gently rolling fields and wide, fertile valleys—ideal for sugar cane and tobacco that have been the agricultural staples of the Cuban economy.

The northern coast is low and somewhat rocky; the southern coast more marshy. Most of what remains, particularly at the southeastern end of the island, forms steep and at times formidable mountains.

Price ceiling on prescription medicine

Three mountain ranges dominate the Cuban terrain, but by far the best known and most rugged is the eastern Sierra Maestra, where peaks rise to almost 6, feet 1, m. Prevailing trade winds combine with warm waters of the Gulf Stream to produce Price ceiling on prescription medicine mild and semitropical climate.

Occasional near-freezing temperatures occur only in mountain areas. The dry season lasts from November to April. Most of the population is of Spanish and African origin. Spanish, the official language, has particularly Cuban traits in its spoken form.

Administratively, Cuba is divided into 14 Provinces, plus the Isle of Youth, which is a special commune of the City of Havana. Many Cubans practice Afro-Cuban religions.

There are a number of Protestant denominations active on the island, including Presbyterians, Baptists, Anglicans, and Seventh-day Adventists, among others. The Cuban Constitution formally protects freedom of religion. In practice, however, church attendance has begun to grow only recently, following years of official persecution of religious institutions.

Public Institutions Last Updated: Castro seeks to control most aspects of Cuban life through the Communist Party and its affiliated mass organizations, the government bureaucracy, and the state security apparatus. The Ministry of Interior is the principal organ of state security and control.

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Since the National Assembly meets only twice a year for a few days each time, the member Council of State wields power. The Council of Ministers, through its nine-member executive committee, handles administration of the state-controlled economy.

Although the constitution theoretically provides for independent courts, it explicitly subordinates them to the National Assembly and to the Council of State.

Due process is routinely denied to Cuban citizens, particularly in cases involving political offenses. The party monopolizes all government positions, including judicial offices.

Though not a formal requirement, party membership is virtually a de facto prerequisite for high-level official positions and professional advancement in most areas, although non-party members are sometimes allowed to serve in the National Assembly. The Communist Party or one of its subsidiaries vets candidates for any elected office.

Arts, Science, and Education Last Updated: Performances can be excellent and ticket prices quite reasonable, although a two-tier price structure permits Cubans to pay in national pesos and requires foreigners to pay in hard currency, frequently for adjacent seats.

Theater and film are of quality standards, although Spanish fluency is essential to fully appreciate Cuban performances. In the Cuban movie La Vida es Silbar Life is Whistling won top prize in the Latin American Film Festival, helping re-launch the Cuban film industry, which produces more than 14 movies and almost 40 documentaries a year.

Perhaps the most famous Cuban movie over the last decade has been Fresa y Chocolate, which debuted at the film festival. There are many movie theaters throughout Havana that exhibit Cuban and Latin American films, as well as recent American productions, at very modest cost.

Price ceiling on prescription medicine

Cuban music remains an integral part of life and ranges from classical to Latin jazz and such creative hybrids of European and African sounds as danzon, son, punto guajiro, rumba, and vieja trova. Cuban styles, artists, and dance steps have long dominated the airwaves and nightclubs of Latin America.

Independent entities increasingly arrange their own contracts with record companies and tourist hotels where they can be paid in dollars. The few music stores in Havana offer limited choices of international recordings but generally offer a wide range of Cuban and Latin music.

Bookstores generally are disappointing, offering limited selections and variable quality, but independent open-air booksellers provide more interesting fare. The Museo de Arte Nacional houses the most important collection of Cuban painting on the island and contains among its many holdings excellent works of all of the most prominent Cuban artists, including Wilfredo Lam, Amelia Pelaez, Rene Portocarrero, Sosabravo, and many others.Watkins products Buy seroquel from trusted pharmacy, have been manufactured by the J.R.

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The Drug Price Control Order capped prices of over drugs in the Indian market. Using an experimental design to assess the consequences of this price control on the anti-diabetic drug. Oct 18,  · Several forms of price controls (e.g., price ceilings, reference pricing, rate of return, and so on) can be imposed together with positive and negative lists.

2 Therefore, regulation can have a substantial impact on the portfolio of drugs available in a market as well as on drug prices. Medicine Safe-Lock box to secure prescription medication-fits inside Medicine Cabinets /Vanity Drawer, White: Home Improvement.

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Do price ceilings abroad increase U.S. drug prices? Author links open overlay panel Sudesh Mujumdar a 1 Debashis Pal b.

Show more. In the uproar played out in the ‘popular’ media over the reasons for the rising prices of prescription drugs in the U.S., if the imposition of a price-ceiling in Market 2 (or the lowering of it.

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