Should i address adhd in a college essay

Buzzfeed For Cassandra Smolcic, the trouble began at her dream internship. Handpicked to spend a summer working on movies at Pixar, the year-old logged marathon hours, and more than a few all-nighters, at her computer and tablet. At first, she managed to ignore the mysterious pinching sensations in her hands and forearms. But by the time her internship ended and a full-time job offer rolled in, she could barely move her fingers.

Should i address adhd in a college essay

The drugs are normally prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHDbut healthy students use them to get a leg up in school, by improving focus, concentration and memory. The question is, do they work?

Maybe not, according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania.

should i address adhd in a college essay

Casey Schwartz blogged about the findings on the Daily Beast: The research team tested 47 subjects, all in their twenties, all without a diagnosis of ADHD, on a variety of cognitive functions, from working memory — how much information they could keep in mind and manipulate — to raw intelligence, to memories for specific events and faces.

The researchers did come up with one significant finding. The last question they asked their subjects was: It bears noting that the new study, which has not yet been published it was presented at the annual Society of Neuroscience conference in Novemberis contradicted by a body of evidence showing actual cognitive benefits of the drug.

The benefits of enhancement include increased alertness and focus and improvement in some types of memory. Research shows that in normal people, stimulants consistently and significantly improve learning of material that must be recalled days later — exactly what you want from a drug when you are prepping for exams.

The drugs even seem to improve certain aspects of judgment. One study of 36 normal women and men found that they were more likely to choose to delay gratification and receive a larger monetary reward when given amphetamines than settle for a smaller amount of money immediately.

Improvements in memory and cognitive control have been reported in multiple studies, mainly using Ritalin and amphetamines. Many users receive no performance boost, as evidenced by the current University of Pennsylvania study as well as previous work. Interestingly, those who have the least ability in a particular area are likely to see the greatest drug-related improvement.Many Funding Options Available.

Students with disabilities qualify for a number of unique scholarships. As you piece together your college funding package, consider each of the groups you belong to, as possible sources of aid.

ADHD, in and of itself, is something a lot of people have and writing about it will only help if you address it in ways that will permit the admission office get to know you better and, as a result, decide that you would be a good fit for their college.

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should i address adhd in a college essay

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