Solidworks get write access macro condition

These tools are much more powerful than the techniques I discuss in the previous section. But along with power comes responsibility. Using the debugging tools takes a bit of setup work.

Solidworks get write access macro condition

On Demand Generation - Macro is only run for the top-level model, not for any sub-components or drawings. Queued Generation Manual and Automatic - Macros can be run on any or all models and drawings. For more information on the different model generation methods see Info: Aspects of the Macro are significant when DriveWorks runs them, these include: The Macro Name and Location.

Macro Name and Location The file name and location of the macro depends on the Model Generation method being used. On Demand Generation The name of the macro must be Model.

solidworks get write access macro condition

This will be run on the top level assembly during On Demand generation. If the Group content folder is set to be C: The macro must be located in the same location as the master model or drawing.

Specification Macros Editor (DriveWorks Documentation)

The name of the macro must be the same as the master model it is to be run on, as drawings can have the same name as a model a macro to be run on a drawing must have Draw appended to the file name.

Once the DriveWorks module has been created the sub-routine, which includes the code required to run, can be created. Sub-routine The name of the sub-routine within the DriveWorks module depends on the model generation method being used. OnDemandFinalizing - Will run during the finalizing of the model.

OnDemandFinalized - Will run once the model has been finalized.

How does 3D ContentCentral work?

For the macro to run successfully the Custom Property value must obey the following criteria: The file path must be a fully qualified file path. The file path must exist. The example given below will not create the file path if it does not exist. The user must have permissions to create files in the location specified.

The file extension must be included. The file name cannot contain any illegal characters. For example if the custom property SaveLocation results in the value C: IActiveDoc2 ' Get the "general", i.Access Check If Field is Null, Conditional Macro Jun 22, by azurous in Access This article explains how you can create a conditional macro that will check if the value in a field is Null or not.

Apr 17,  · Follow the same steps that you used for the AutoExec macro to create an AutoOpen macro. This time, use the AutoOpen expression to replace the AutoExec expression in each step.

Save the document as C:\, close the document, and then exit Word. This blog is for professionals or students who want to learn to Solidworks macro programming from scratch and want to increase their CAD knowledge. SolidWorks through Macros you write the code for a UserForm in the UserForm’s code module.

You create and . Can't open Solidworks file from Treehouse When I was using Treehouse I was able to open solidworks files from treehouse.

With treehouse I get the following message when I try to open a solidworks file from Treehouse For this macro the code is fairly simple and can almost be read as a book. Everything after the ‘ and in green is a note. This states the name of the macro, the shortcut keys and the description.

VBA Message Box Yes or No MsgBox.


Code for calling a message box with the option Yes or No and depending on the answer different coding is executed.

Specification Settings (DriveWorks Documentation)