The changing west

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The changing west

Determination of an exact location for a dividing line was long a matter of dispute, so the better question is "Where were the LINES. James Giberson, 25 N. The Keith line This is the first line actually surveyed.

The northern third of the survey was not finished as intended, due to the discovery of a major discrepancy from the Quintipartite Deed. The Keith line was the most operative for County lines in the more populated portions of early West Jersey, however.

Because of this, and the fact that this line demarcates the portion that was indisputably West Jersey territory, the Keith line is used throughout this website unless there is specific reason to bring another line into the discussion.

The Keith-Coxe-Barclay line Extension of The changing west line reached by compromise between two governors. Disowned by East Jersey in Abolished by colonial legislature in in favor of Quintipartite Deed.

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Comparison Map Map showing all lines for comparison, with county names shown. Click here for a large view of this map.

The changing west

Of all of these, the "Keith Line" has been the most meaningful. The very first mention of a dividing line between Sir George Carteret's half-interest in New Jersey and John, Lord Berkeley's half-interest is in a confirming grant of July 29, to Carteret only.

This specified a southern border for Carteret's land, which ran from the mouth of Barnegat Creek to most probably Pennsauken Creek see the Barnegat - Pennsauken Line. The changing west Deed described the line as running from Remnants of the Keith line can still be seen on today's maps, in the County boundaries between Burlington and Ocean, and between Hunterdon and Somerset.

Keith's line favored East Jersey by running considerably west of the line described in the Quintipartite Deed. It ran NNW from the point on Little Egg Harbor mentioned in the deed, passing just north of where Tuckerton is today, and then proceeding up toward a point on the Delaware River just north of the Water Gap near 41o 01', rather than 41o 40'.

Keith stopped surveying when he reached the South Branch of the Raritan, perhaps because West Jersey was disagreeing with his course. Daniel Coxe, who had recently claimed title to being goveror of West Jersey, negotiated with East Jersey for a creative way to finish the line see the Coxe-Keith Barclay line, below.

Because the Keith line did not geographically agree with the wording in the deed, more accurate surveys had to be developed later, to resolve property disputes.

This resulted in the Thornton line, c, and the Lawrence line, which is the one used for legal purposes today. An excellent source for learning more about the mapping of New Jersey is Snyder Here are some links to maps that show the various lines: A modern map showing the Keith line and the Lawrence line The Keith-Coxe-Barclay line which gave a lot more of the north-west part of the Jersies to West Jersey.

This was agreed to by Daniel Coxe, who was considered by some to be the governor of West Jersey, and Robert Barclay [2]the governor of East Jersey, but this line did not meet with wide acceptance among the inhabitants due to the shakiness of the claims to the government see "Who's in Charge Here?

The Coxe-Barclay extension basically gave present-day Morris and Sussex Counties to West Jersey, though there may have been some adjustments to those borders since The extension started where the Keith line had left off, - tracked east, downstream along the South Branch of the Raritan to the split with the North Branch, then - upstream along the North branch of the Raritan, then - up the Lamington or Black River, then - jumped by a straight line to the head of the Passaic see the north border of Somerset County- upstream along the Pompton to its split with the Pequannock, - upstream along the Pequannock, then from a point on the Pequannock at 41 degrees it jumped by a - straight line due east to the border with New York at the Hudson River Station Point at 41 degrees.

Note that many sources continue the line to the head of the Pequannock, and thence Northeast roughly along the current eastern border of Sussex Countyup to New York Boundary Line which was then also in dispute.

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It is important to remember that there was only a short period of time when both sides agreed with the Coxe-Barclay extension. East Jersey "disowned" it in and the colonial legislature rescinded it altogether in The c Worlidge map showing the Thornton line.

This map is located at the West Jersey History Project site which has other maps showing the various lines.

A large version with great detail is also available at that site. Note that the Worlidge line was probably surveyed c, but that this map dates from or later and may have landmarks that were not present in This detail is rotated to the right and cropped to show the following three lines.Watch Stepmom Jodi West turns on stepson by changing in front of him!

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