The commercialization of education essay

I want him to get what I did not get in my childhood. I will give him education even if I have to pay a huge amount of money to the educational institutions" These are some lines which are said by the parents of this modern era. Schools, coaching centres, educational institutionsetc, etc are prospering day by day. It seems as if they will give rise to a new industry named educational industry.

The commercialization of education essay

More Essay Examples on Education Rubric In a society that is struggling against the adverse effects of bad nutrition, it presents a serious ethical dilemma that administrators would allow vendors to make available such harmful nutritional products to students.

Some might argue that students are educated enough during classes or at home to make their own choices regarding their food intake. However, the message that administration sends to students when it makes available such unhealthy food is that the lessons taught in class are negligible.

The situation actually undermines the nutritional education being provided to students and presents them with the dilemma of trying to practice the good nutrition habits in an environment in which the odds have become heavily stacked against nutrition.

Furthermore, when cafeterias as well as vending machines have been filled with high fat, high sugar and high calorie meals, students are cheated out of the option of making good choices, as the variety of these inevitably become reduced.

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It shows itself, therefore, as deeply immoral to prevent students from acting in a manner that is considered positive for their health.

The actions of the manufacturers are also indicative of immorality, as their greed for monetary gain pushes them toward feeding students in unhealthy ways that in many cases lead to serious illnesses.

Over-consumption of sugar has been shown to lead to type II diabetes Hu, et al, Over-consumption of fat likewise leads to obesity, and this coupled with processed foods has been shown to contribute to such fatal illnesses as cancer Huang et al.

While it is possible again to argue that students have a choice against buying these things, students are minors—and marketing harmful substances to minors in other situations have been deemed immoral.

The commercialization of education essay

In light of the effects of these foods, the drive toward riches at the expense of students can on some level be compared to the marketing of such harmful substances as cigarettes and even drugs. Moral concerns connected with these issues can therefore be transferred to that of commercialization in education.

The use of school properties as markets for unhealthy food is a highly unethical practice that borders on immorality for more than one reason.

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Administrators, who are supposed to be guardians of the minds of these students, become cohorts with manufacturers that see the students solely as an exploitable market segment. The ramifications of this are many, as unhealthy bodies are often unable to support the intellectual rigors necessary for students to acquire a good education.

More importantly, however, is the fact that bad eating habits formed as a result of this commercialization have the potential to bring these students to an earlier death than would have occurred had they been provided with healthy meals. Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition.

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Choose Type of service.Commercialisation is the promotion and development of a product as a business within a market place. This is done by the use of sponsorship, funding, selling, publicity and advertising within the media, which is all rooted from money.

Commercialization apples to various sectors and these include the education, agriculture and the sport industries. Commercialization of education is a new trend that has resulted in reforms in the education sector. The commercialization of education can be seen through the increase of private schools and institutions.

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urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. Short Essay on Commercialisation of Education The system of education in the world has to improve, the meaning of education has to alphabetnyc.coming education should not be limited to providing lumsum amount of meaning should be giving quality educationto the youth to develop the world.

Karen Sanchez Professor Copeland RWS 25 September Rhetorical Analysis Education is considered to be a central value in the American culture.

The commercialization of education essay

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