The love story of steven and connie

Almost everything on this show is chosen delicately and precisely in order to make the messages and metaphors come across as they were intended. And because every element was set up and defined in just the right way, it allows for numerous simultaneous interpretations.

The love story of steven and connie

AmberGoldenHeart This story is about Steven and Connie getting married and their future life ahead of them. Also in this story I made Jasper a crystal gem instead of getting corrupted or fall into the ocean so she has many appearances.

This story is now Teen for I realized that I made hints to more intense romance but its non explicit and minor. Will be updated as much as possible. He and Connie begin to cut the cake they had gotten specially customized to look like a Cookie Cat.

Steven picks up his slice and shoves it in Connie's face who does the same to Steven earning a chuckle from the crowd and a pleased grunt from Jasper. After the cake was served and eaten except by the gems other than Amethystit was dancing time. As the music started Steven stopped. Steven walked back to Connie with his hand out.

They danced happily, Connie giggling as Steven spun her. As they danced, they failed to notice Steven's gem glowing under his tux as they laughed and spun then eventually glowing in a light that enveloped each other until they became Stevonnie.

Still not noticing they had became Stevonnie, she laughed and jumped around as everyone stopped dancing and stared at them in either shock or awe except maybe the gems and possibly Greg though Greg did stop to scratch his head and let out a chuckle. Stevonnie noticed everyone stopped dancing except for Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Amethyst, and Peridot Jasper wasn't dancing she just sat in a chair with a smirk.

Connie's family stared at her wondering what the heck happened. Stevonnie noticed the shocked looks, laughed embarassed, then unfused.

We haven't done that in years! Just for a little while though. Pearl quickly jumped in, "Oh my that was a treat!

Let's continue the festivities now shouldn't we? After acquiring a few more stares, everyone continued to dance. As the night ended, Steven and Connie began to say their good-byes.

Jasper even allowed them to give her a hug!

The love story of steven and connie

Ruby and Sapphire fused back into Garnet so they could say bye to her too plus Ruby and Sapphire were dying to get back into the beloved fusion. Before Steven and Connie could get into their vehicle, Peridot came up to them with something in her hands.

She put it in Steven's hands and it appeared to be a heart shaped piece of metal. Everyone said their good-byes again then Steven and Connie drove away.

Your review has been posted.This is the Story of Steven and Connie's Married Life. This first chapter begins at the wedding. Ideas Welcomed but this story is K+. Weddings bells ring as Steven and . Follow/Fav Steven's First Love Story By: ChaoticFoxx RATED M.

Steven Universe is a 19 year old man, Connie Maheswaran is a 18 year old woman and she has urges sadly Steven is denser than rock, will his age finally catch up . Connie Maheswaran is Steven's best friend and a member of the Crystal Gems.

After meeting Steven, she slowly began to learn about him, the Gems, and their past. Growing a strong bond with Steven, Connie decided that she wanted to help him and the Crystal Gems whenever danger arose, and began Nickname(s): Miss Knight (Steven), Strawberry (Steven), Jam Bud (Steven).

Browse through and read thousands of steven connie stories and books [ Steven Universe Reader-Insert ] a story about you, and "Rose Quartz".

Add to library to Steven and not all gems have been taking it of the gems had been hurt by roses absence but they grew to love Steven as much as they loved now is 28 and is. YOU ARE READING. I Love You (Steven x Connie) Random. This story is about the love story of Steven Universe and Connie!

It starts out with them being awkward and not dating yet until their relationship progresses. Read Play Date from the story Steven X Connie | Teenage Love story by Epicpixe (Epic Pixel) with 2, reads.

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