Week 1 535 hw

The MNC has a corporate tax rate of 40 percent. It will have to pay operating expenses of AP3 million per year. The Argentine government will charge a 30 percent tax rate on profits. All after-tax profits each year will be remitted to the U.

Week 1 535 hw

Early efforts[ edit ] There have been many attempts to understand the principles of high air pressure below hulls and wings. Hovercrafts are unique in that they can lift themselves while still, differing Week 1 535 hw ground effect Week 1 535 hw and hydrofoils which require forward motion to create lift.

Week 1 535 hw

The first mention in the historical record of the concepts behind surface-effect vehicles that used the term hovering was by Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg in Shaped like a section of a large aerofoil this creates a low pressure area above the wing much like an aircraftthe craft was propelled by four aero engines driving two submerged marine propellers, with a fifth engine that blew air under the front of the craft to increase the air pressure under it.

Only when in motion could the craft trap air under the front, increasing lift. The vessel also required a depth of water to operate and could not transition to land or other surfaces.

It was thoroughly tested and even armed with torpedoes and machine guns for operation in the Adriatic.

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It never saw actual combat, however, and as the war progressed it was eventually scrapped due to the lack of interest and perceived need, and its engines returned to the Air Force.

Levapads do not offer stability on their own. Several must be used together to support a load above them. Lacking a skirt, the pads had to remain very close to the running surface. He initially imagined these being used in place of casters and wheels in factories and warehouses, where the concrete floors offered the smoothness required for operation.

By the s, Ford showed a number of toy models of cars using the system, but mainly proposed its use as a replacement for wheels on trains, with the Levapads running close to the surface of existing rails. Kaario never received funding to build his design, however.

Because the project was classified by the U. Cockerell's group was the first to develop the use of a ring of air for maintaining the cushion, the first to develop a successful skirt, and the first to demonstrate a practical vehicle in continued use. Cockerell came across the key concept in his design when studying the ring of airflow when high-pressure air was blown into the annular area between two concentric tin cans, one coffee and the other from cat food and a hair dryer.

This produced a ring of airflow, as expected, but he noticed an unexpected benefit as well; the sheet of fast moving air presented a sort of physical barrier to the air on either side of it.

This effect, which he called the "momentum curtain", could be used to trap high-pressure air in the area inside the curtain, producing a high-pressure plenum that earlier examples had to build up with considerably more airflow. In theory, only a small amount of active airflow would be needed to create lift and much less than a design that relied only on the momentum of the air to provide lift, like a helicopter.

In terms of power, a hovercraft would only need between one quarter to one half of the power required by a helicopter. Cockerell built several models of his hovercraft design in the early s, featuring an engine mounted to blow from the front of the craft into a space below it, combining both lift and propulsion.

He demonstrated the model flying over many Whitehall carpets in front of various government experts and ministers, and the design was subsequently put on the secret list.

In spite of tireless efforts to arrange funding, no branch of the military was interested, as he later joked, "the navy said it was a plane not a boat; the air force said it was a boat not a plane; and the army was 'plain not interested.

N1 general arrangement This lack of military interest meant that there was no reason to keep the concept secret, and it was declassified. Cockerell was finally able to convince the National Research Development Corporation to fund development of a full-scale model.

N1short for "Saunders-Roe, Nautical 1". In addition to providing the lift air, a portion of the airflow was bled off into two channels on either side of the craft, which could be directed to provide thrust. In normal operation this extra airflow was directed rearward for forward thrust, and blew over two large vertical rudders that provided directional control.

For low-speed maneuverability, the extra thrust could be directed fore or aft, differentially for rotation. N1 made its first hover on 11 Juneand made its famed successful crossing of the English Channel on 25 July He flew the SR. N1 so fast that he was asked to slow down a little. On examination of the craft afterwards, it was found that she had been dished in the bow due to excessive speed, damage that was never allowed to be repaired, and was from then on affectionately referred to as the 'Royal Dent'.

Further modifications, especially the addition of pointed nose and stern areas, produced the Mk IV. The solution was offered by Cecil Latimer-Needhamfollowing a suggestion made by his business partner Arthur Ord-Hume.

Inhe suggested the use of two rings of rubber to produce a double-walled extension of the vents in the lower fuselage. When air was blown into the space between the sheets it exited the bottom of the skirt in the same way it formerly exited the bottom of the fuselage, re-creating the same momentum curtain, but this time at some distance from the bottom of the craft.

Latimer-Needham and Cockerell devised a 4 feet 1. N1 to produce the Mk V, [13] displaying hugely improved performance, with the ability to climb over obstacles almost as high as the skirt.Get cinema style sound with 15 built-in speakers*, including 4 upward-firing speakers and rear wireless speakers that deliver crystal clear sound from all around you.

*only the speakers receiving audio input from the source will be active at any time. Read this essay on Mis - Managerial Appls of Info Tech - Week 2 Homework.

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